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D-r Georgi Pehlivanov, MD -  Chief Assistant in the Dermatology Department, Medical Faculty, Sofia, Bulgaria

D-r Georgi Pehlivanov is Chief of the Second Dermatological Ward. He has graduated Sofia University of Medicine in 1979. In 1984 got his specialty in Dermatology. In 1996 continued his qualifications with Social Medicine and Public Health. In 2004 he has become Master of Management in Medicine. D-r Pehlivanov carried out his specialization in Graatz, Budapest and Paris. He is a member of the Bulgarian Dermatological Association.

He is author and co-author of 27 Scientific publications and 4 books. He took part in 20 International Forums.

 D-r Ilko Bakardjiev, MD is dermatologist in “Chajka” Hospital Centre in Varna, Bulgaria

D-r Ilko Bakardjiev was born in 1968 in Varna. He has graduated the University of Medicine in our Sea Capital. In the field of dermatology he has started to work in Clinic of Skin Diseases in Varna where his tutor was Professor, doctor Zlatko Penev . Later on he moved to Sofia and continued his specialization with Professor Nevena Berova and Professor Nikolaj Tzankov. He attended seminars and forums in Germany, Malta, Spain, France and Italy. He has Doctor’s Theses in the field of sexual diseases.

D-r Bakardjiev is an author of several innovations and many publications in Bulgarian and international specialized editions. He is a member of Bulgarian Dermatological Association, The Union of Bulgarian Scientists, European Academy of Dermatologists and the Scandinavian Dermatological Association. D-r Bakardjiev is well-known expert in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Medical Cosmetics.


Professor d-r Vanyo Mitev, MD, DBS is Rector of University of Medicine in Sofia

Professor Vanyo Mitev is born on March’23, 1954 in Rousse.
In 1967 he graduated the French language school in Sofia. In 1982 he graduated the Academy of Medicine in Sofia. He is married and has 2 children.
For the period 1982 to 1984 he works as doctor in the Community Hospital in Rousse.
In 1984 he starts working as aspirant in the Department of chemistry and bio-chemistry in the University of Medicine in Sofia.
In 1987 makes defense of a dissertation and was conferred a degree “Candidate of Medical Science”. From 1987 to 1996 he was Assistant, Senior Assistant, Chief Assistant and Associate Professor.
In 1996 he becomes Doctor of Biological Science.
In 1998 he was elected for Professor.
Doctor Mitev became the youngest Professor in the University.
For the period 1991 to 1994 professor Mitev had specialized in the Laboratory of Cell and molecular biology, INRA, Jouy en Josas in France.
Since 1995 professor Mitev is Head of the Laboratory “Cell signalization” and since 1998 is Head of sector Bio-chemistry.
In 1999 he is elected to be Head of the Department of chemistry and bio-chemistry.
From 1999 to 2003 is Assistant Dean for Science in the University of Medicine in Sofia.
Since 2003 he manages the International Department of the University.
Since 2006 professor Mitev is Head of Molecular Medicine Centre too.
Professor Mitev is author and co-author of more than 250 scientific publications with large impact factor. He wrote many articles and student books among which is the first adapted Web book called – Bio-chemistry in Internet. He is a scientific adviser of 25 Bulgarian graduates and is consulting 8 international ones.
The Scientific-research group of Professor Mitev has won more than 80 Bulgarian projects organized by the Ministry of Education and the Council of Medical Science. The group took part in 9 international projects.

Professor Mitev is winner of many remarkable Bulgarian and international prizes:
2005 – The prize Orahovatz of Sofia University of Medicine for the best scientific research during the last 3 years
2006 – The prize Signum Laudis of Sofia University of Medicine and was announced to be the Best Scientist of the year
Professor Mitev has 11 prizes in the field of Internet education.
In 2007 in his Department for chemistry and bio-chemistry was created the first laboratory for Web and Internet education in Bulgaria.
On February’18, 2008 Professor Mitev was elected for Rector of University of Medicine in Sofia with substantial majority.

Professor d-r Nevena Berova, MD

She graduated Sofia University of Medicine in 1954, specialized in dermatology in 1959 and in allergy in 1991. In 1986 makes defense of a dissertation Doctor of Science. For the period 1983 to 1989 she became Associate Professor and after that Professor.
She had specialized in the Clinic of dermatology in Sofia, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Davos, London, Paris and Budapest.

Employment history – started as doctor in the Clinic of oncology in Burgas, from 1955 to 1959 was aspirant, from 1960 to 1962 was Head of Dermatological office in the Students Clinic in Sofia. For the period 1976 to 2000 she was Head of Dermatological Allergy department in the Clinic in Sofia. In 1964 was a foreign Assistant in the Clinic of Dermatology in Munich. In 1968 was Guest Lector in the Clinic of climate therapy in Davos.

Scientific activities – Author and co-author of 4 profiled monographs and participant in 24 other books. Professor Berova wrote 250 publications, 120 of which in Bulgarian and 85 in foreign languages. She made one invention and took part in 150 scientific forums in Bulgaria and abroad. The main subjects she worked on are allergic reactions for medicines and cosmetics, modern diagnostic methods in dermatology, climate therapy of skin diseases.

Professor Berova is a member of the Bulgarian Dermatological Association, correspondent of the Swedish Dermatological Association, honorable member of Bavarian Dermatological Association, member of EADV.

1977 – Honorable doctor
1997 – Nomination for Woman of the year
1999 – Honorable professor of University of Medicine in Sofia
2000 – Honorable member of the Bulgarian Dermatological Association
2000 – Doctor “Honoris causa” of the Bulgarian Dermatological Association

[Professor d-r Zlatko Penev, MD]

Professor d-r Penev is well-known doctor and scientist not only in Bulgaria but also abroad.
He established and was the first Head of Varna Clinic for skin diseases. In 1991 professor Penev and his wife established the Thaloderma Laboratory in Varna.
Professor Penev and his son d-r Yuliyan Penev were the first scientists in Bulgaria who implemented laser therapy in the dermatology. The first test was done in 1984 by d-r Yuliyan Penev, who was a student by that time. Professor d-r Penev die in 2013. Let us remember him and his work!


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