Български език


All participants in the 11th SPRING VARNA DERMATOLOGICAL DAYS
may use the services of the Riviera Beach HotelHoliday Club Riviera

In staying in the hotel include:
  1. Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  2. Coffee breaks at the exhibition
  3. Bulgarian alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages
  4. Evening music and art programs in the conference program.
  5. Indoor mineral pool and fitness club.
  6. Wireless Internet in all meeting rooms and lobby area.
  7. Parking.

For all the conditions for residence in the hotel, please
contact the agency organizational Glamour and Joy Ltd. to:

Tel:       +359 52390350
            +359 52589510
Fax       +359 52311133
Mobile:  +359 894373531
            +359 894607458
E-mail:  office@glamourandjoy.com

For details on the conditions of the hotel:

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