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“Varna Spring Dermatological Days” first took place in April 2007 as the first dermatological conference in Varna. More than 20 years after their last such opportunity the dermatologists from Varna had a forum where they could discuss issues surrounding the dermatological practice in the city and get familiar with the newest trends in the sphere of dermatology, medicinal cosmetics and aesthetic medicine.
Starting off on the regional level, the conference in Varna quickly grew into a national event. The program for the conference includes symposiums, workshops, special poster sessions and many lectures. In the course of the forum there is an exhibition by the biggest importers, distributors and representatives of leading global companies producing medical equipment, medicines and cosmetics. In this way the conference is a valuable opportunity for continuous medical education for dermatologists from all around the country and a chance to catch up on the newest developments in medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and medicines.

The first and second editions of the annual conference were carried out in the exquisite “Bolero” hotel in the “Golden Sands” resort. The third year the event took place in the “Iberostar Obzor Beach” hotel complex in the “Golden Sands” resort. More than 33 lectures were given on the topics of dermatologic therapy and aesthetic medicine. Over 250 dermatologists actively participated in the organized events. General sponsor of the third edition of the conference was “Nepentes Bulgaria”.
The special guests were: Prof. Dr. A. Klisarova, DMedSc, rector of the Varna Medical University, Prof. Dr. V. Mitev, DMedSc, rector of Sofia Medical University, Corr. Mem. Prof. Dr. N. Tsankov, DMedSc, Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Dermatology, Prof. Dr. L. Stransky, DMedSc, head of the dept. of Dermatology and Venereology – Sofia, Assoc. Prof. Dr. D. Gospodinov, M.D., dean of Pleven Medical University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. S. Marina, M.D., head of Clinic of Dermatology and Venereology – Sofia. Special guests for the previous years were Prof. Dr. Zl. Penev, DMedSc and Prof. Dr. N. Berova, DMedSc.
Among the international guests we can point out: Prof. Cheng, DMedSc, USA, Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Rachman, M.D., UAE, Assoc. Prof. K. Popesku, M.D. Romania.
The managers for the Eastern European branches of La Roche-Posay, Iwostin and Bioderma were present, as well as Dr. D. Meridonov from the European Competent Forum.
Prof. Cheng’s lecture describing a new technology for the Bulgarian public dealing with the removal of tattoos provoked great interest. Additionally, he presented medicines containing different vitamin and acidic complexes that delay the aging process.
Assoc. Prof. M. Rachman, M.D., a fellow of the Bulgarian dermatologic school gave a lecture entitled “What is beauty” in which he synthesized the contemporary knowledge of dermal physiology and the impact of different medication on the skin.
A group of Bulgarian dermatologists gave lectures concerning some serious dermatoses - Pyoderma gangrenosum, Lupus erythematosus, Antiphospholipid syndrome.
In this third year the informational site of Varna Spring Dermatological Days (www.varnaderma.com) was created. It contains relevant news, the program of the conference, a map of the exhibition, etc. Its idea is to give everybody that registers access to the conference materials, reports and lectures. Also, the site contains many materials from the sponsors as well as photos of the event.

During its first years, the conference’s Organizational Committee included: Assoc. Prof. K. Nikolov, M.D., Dr. I. Bakardzhiev, M.D. and Assoc. Prof. Dr. G. Pehlivanov, M.D. At present the Organizational Committee includes Assoc. Prof. Dr. G. Pehlivanov, M.D., Dr. I. Bakardzhiev, M.D. Honorary members of the Organizational Committee include: Prof. Dr. V. Mitev, M.D., DBiolSc, rector of Sofia Medical University, - Prof. Dr. A. Klisarova, DMedSc, rector of the Varna Medical University, vice-chairwoman of the Nuclear Medicine Association, Prof. Dr. N. Berova, DMedSc, Prof. Dr. Zl. Penev, DMedSc.
The fourth and fifth editions of the conference were carried out in the Sunny Day resort. Nearly 40 firms took part and more than 35 reports and workshops were organized.

In order for the contacts between all the specialists to be both pleasant and useful different show programs are organized. At them the sponsors have the chance to distinguish and encourage some Bulgarian dermatologists.
Miro, the star of Bulgarian pop music, was a guest at the fifth anniversary of the conference, along with many other talented artists and musicians.

The development of the conference is determined by the demand for effective resolutions to problems, concerning patients’ health, illnesses and their prevention as well as maintaining their aesthetic appearance. Because of this “Varna Spring Dermatological Days” is growing into an important scientific gathering which is very beneficial for every Bulgarian dermatologist. This is a national conference, giving our specialists the opportunity to participate actively, shoulder to shoulder with their foreign colleagues, in the development of dermatology, venereology and aesthetic medicine in Bulgaria.

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