Български език


The conference is organized and divided into scientific sections. It consists of scientific reports, presentations and workshops. They are the background of the program. Each session is lead by moderators. 

All Scientific reports, presentations and workshops have to be presented to the Organizing Agency in advance. They have to be approved by the Organizing Committee. For that purpose the Organizing Agency informs the Organizing Committee about the topic, together with short resume /not more than ½ page/, cover letter ad CV with recent photo of the lector. 

The Organizing Agency has to inform participant for the decision of the Organizing Committee by e-mail.  When approved the topic, its resume and the CV of the lector are published free of charge in the website of the Conference.  All the information from the Conference is to be videotaped.

 Each lector gets:
 The opportunity to present his/her report not more than 12 min as well as time for additional questions for 3 to 5 min.

Gets access to:

1. Conference hall
2. Computer connected with projector
3. Projector with Screen
4. Microphone
5. Camera connected with projector is provided for the workshops.

The deadline for presentation and approval of all scientific reports, presentations and workshops is up to  6.03.2017


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